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Top Gear mural room

Top Gear Murals

Two murals painted in quite a small room, commissioned by an interior design company for a showhouse in Didcot, Oxfordshire.

Based on the popular (and favourite of mine ) long running BBC TV show Top Gear.

The Interior designers quite often just give me a brief and free reign to pick the images myself, the most important thing for me is to know what the overall feel is that they are going for with the house and the room.  Even though no one lives in a showhouse I still need to know what age group the room is aimed at to pick a suitable image.  


Top Gear racing car mural


I also need to know what furniture is going into the room so I can base the mural around it.. The last thing you want to do is paint a mural and have the headboard of the bed cover half of it.

This is something to bare in mind especially with very young children as you will change their furniture as they get bigger, and move things round the room. I usually paint my murals above bed height.. even in nurseries with cots, as before you know it you'll be shopping for that big bed!


The Stig bedroom mural



Speed never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary, that's what gets you.  _ Jeremy Clarkson


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