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Family Playroom Mural

Adventurous Playroom Mural

This was my second visit to this house in Shenstone as I had already painted Alexa's nursery when she was only a couple of months old with a pink cloud sky and princess castle and carriage, when I came back she was already crawling!

I thought Alexa might be a bit young still for a full on playroom as she was only crawling about, but we struggled to keep her out of the room as she was intrigued by what I was up to.  Once the first characters were finished she recognised them from her films and straight away was pointing, waving and at the door whenever she had the chance (along with Bella the dog, who I believe was more interested in my sandwiches)!

As the mural neared completion Alexa was pulling herself to her feet and taking her first steps.. and when I went back to take these photographs a few months later she was running about the place and climbing on stuff she had no right to.. as they do.  So going on that experience I'd say it's never too early to have a playroom!

With that in mind you don't want a playroom to be too 'young' as children do grow quickly and they grow out of things, the 'classics' such as Jungle Book, Peter Pan and Bambi are almost timeless.  Parents are going to be spending almost as much time in the room as well so the mural is designed with this in mind from the start.



Space in the room and placement of furniture is used to the best advantage.


Hup two three four







When there's nothing on the TV you can always stand on the cliff top and enjoy the view, or grab a sword and join in the adventure!

Peter Pan & Captain Hook Mural

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